vrijdag 19 september 2014

Phesius Class Interceptor MoC

Twenty years the Dark Ages have had me in a stranglehold.  About two years and a bit now I have come out of them and started buying Lego again.  And in two months, it will be 2 years since I joined BeLug and Eurobricks, and started MoCing again.

And today, I put together my very first starship MOC since my child hood days, if one does not count that car wash thing I once knocked together a while ago.

The Mark II `Phesius` Interceptor is a small and lightly armed high speed vessel.  It`s original design concept was to build an android piloted small ship, whose job is to track down small rogue astroids and debris that could come in the safety zone of a planet or moon base.

These vessels are sturdy though not really that agile, literally shooting after their targets as an arrow and intercept even into the orbit possible hazards.

All in all, I`m not to disappointed with how this turned out, considering it literally has been decades since I tackled a spaceship.  And it definitly looks better then my very first after dark ages MoC, the small phase one of the Storehouse tree from Guilds of Historica...

The stand to position it in a tilted angle, and it`s "sheer engine power"

Sleek like an arrowpoint, sporting two small sidemounted blasters:

The engine assembly, with two large booster rockets and two small maneuvring thrusters.  Due to the extreme pressusres these vessels can come under as they shoot at high velocity directly into atmosphere, control is preferrably passed to android pilots.

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