maandag 15 september 2014

Minifigures Series 12 apparent breakdown

Oktober is going to be `Legotober` for my budget it seems, luckily I managed to do some decent trades and have a heap of VIP points value on my card, so I won`t actually be `feeling it` in my wallet.

With the new Hobbit wave already hitting in October instead of expected end of november (okay, some leeway on those to get them then in the following two months if needed), the Santa Workshop, the Star Wars advent calendar for the kid and the Series 12 box, it`s not a cheap month coming up for the hobbyist.

Over on Eurobricks, WhiteFang did a set review from a full box, and this is going to be the apparent breakdown of a full set:

Now, with the Smurf having a bit of a Lego low at the moment, it all being soccer for him at the moment, and I myself very intrested in one of the `rare` models from the box for my MoCs, being the Hun Warrior, I will be keeping all three of them for myself.  If he ever fires up again and build all his sets he still has lying around boxed, we can talk of adding that one to his collection.  Off all the rest, he can have a copy.

So if these are indeed the exact numbers of each box, and deducting both the 15 figures for the kid and the copy or copies of the one I like, I will have in my trade pool afterwards 3 Swashbucklers, 3 Space Miners, 3 Video Game Guys, 2 Wizards, 2 Battle Godess, 3 Dino Trackers, 3 Rockers, 3 Pizza Guy, 3 Pig Guys, a Genie, 2 Prospectors, 2 Baywatch Guys, a Jester, a Spooky Girl and a Princess.

Not to shabby and a lot of potential figures to expand on my army building from other set models, and ofc more Huns from this one ;-).

Now to go to the local toy store and hear if I can order a full set from them, as apparently Lego itself doesn`t sell them `by the box`.

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