dinsdag 9 september 2014

Back to School part 2... but my Magic will suffer of it

A new school year has started, and we`re off again in further efforts to get that bloody ICT diploma sorted out.  And it will be a year that will require a lot of `professional time managing skills`...

Because with new years (yeah, I still - or rather again - count my years like the old school days now, from September to August instead of Januari to December) bring a new heap of changes and reorganisations.

The first fact is that I have gotten what is probably the WORST time schedule for classes for the first semester, until end of january namely.  I got class on monday evenings, but thet already start at 17.25 meaning to early to combine with a regular 9 to 17, as I can`t get to the exact centre of Antwerp in up and about 15 minutes.

The second lesson part, as I couldn`t get into all the courses I wanted already, is on wednesday morning until 12.05, just long enough to ruin a 12 to 18 shift as is usually common, as that would mean not only getting somewhere, but also being able to travel back into time...

Well, at least I`m back in the world of the college girls again... though the GF isn`t to happy about the teacher I have on monday ;-)

Now, I have turned my attention in the meantime to a part time job, for which I will start an intense hunt the coming friday.  It`s for a certain company that packs your purchases in a yellow bag with a red logo on the front hehe.  Aggressive retail skills?  Check!  Knowledge of the product?  Check!  So I really hope I will be able to land that gig... as I`ll be zipping at lightning speed to the needed instances.

On another note, considering my physique is closer these days as Leiscester City`s "cult hero" Taylor-Fletcher as to a regular athlete, I`ve decided to bind on the shoes again after nearly a decennium and retake the korfball pitch.

Though in current days, I think I`ll do 3 days over a hundred meters sprint... so it will be at a very recreational level this first year and see from there.  Smashed knee, cracked back, 20 kilo`s overweight... it really is time I did something to get a little bit more in shape again.

But to all these things is a serious downside as well, and unfortunatly, just like last school year, my Magic is going to suffer due to it URGH.  Saturdays will be out as I`ll be either on the workfloor or the sports pitch.  With a relationship and a kid around, one has to make time for them and that will mean sundays are dedicated to the GF and the Smurf, no discussion on that.  So unless I have a saturday off in the mid season and summer breaks, I doubt I can actually manage to create free time for chucking cards.

Of course, it can all change depending the second semester schedule, but I prefer to tackle problems when they present themselves instead of lying awake in front, with the possibility there never would be a problem.

But for now, I fear the gathering of Planeswalker Points and adding any possible wins to my Magic career (as if lol) are flying out faster then a Goblin strapped to a grenade to an opponents head.

To end on a positive note, I did manage to gather the fundings for the Weathertop set in the meantime, so that is one Lord of the Rings set / The Hobbit set to be scratched off the list...

Well, and now to check out that electronic learning environment and sort out all the necessary course materials and source materials, clean up the CV and stuff... ah the joy or paperworks, ciao!

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