zondag 14 september 2014

Wargaming in Lego

I used to be a wargamer for the most part of my teenage and early adult years.  Then time constraints, budget, and a lot of other factors and the likes popped in and slowly that hobby died out.

On Eurobricks, they did something special this year.  The Battle of the Wither Woods was a huge wargame, but instead of being fought by white metal and plastic models, it was using Lego as the mighty warriors.

I was really impressed on how it worked, using home made rules, and many fellow Guilds of Historica members contributing by providing concepts of troops, which the players would then recreate as best as their collections allowed.

And it are huge collections...

A battle report was typed up from every turn that was played in the game, until the conclusion had been reached. 

Now I am not going to recapping the whole tale here, just follow the link a few lines above to read all about it.  The actual battle and starts around page 5, but it is all worth the read.

Now, what I am going to show you here are a selection of the pictures from the topic, to give a grand idea of how it all works, and looks just as glorious as a `regular` wargame as you get to see at the likes of Crisis and Salute.

And next time they do something like that, I`m definitly going to be sending in some troops as well. 

 The battlefield, the river divides the forest with the desert

 Cool cat warriors using Chima lion faces

 The lines start to advance on each other

 Battle rages as troops engage on the front lines

 I so love this warrior elves... great use of the holiday elf collectible minifig

 Fearsome amazons

Looks good doesnt it?  Surfing around, I did find some generic rules for Lego wargaming, called BrikWars!, something I might in time even have a decent look at of doing a thing or two with.

IF I can convince Nemesis for a game...

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