donderdag 11 september 2014

Lego Trading Cards set is released

They have been officially released yesterday evening for us europeans, the STUDS series 1 trading card series by Brickstuds.

Evolved from a Kickstarter campaign, the series features of course the regular Base Set, but apart from that also a whole series of extra`s, lots of autograph cards, and a nice goodie per pack.

Personally, I`m going to aim to get together the Master Set, though I doubt this will ever be actually feasible due to my physical location, but never the less, we can only try.  I have no idea of the actual ratio of inserts and chase cards, and the website talks about Sketch Cards which I can`t seem to find on the actual Master List, so that will all require some puzzling once the series appears on checklist websites like Jeff Allender`s.

Each pack comes with 8 random inserted cards, as well as a single BrickForge element card, one of the biggest third party manufacturers (and since they aren`t numbered or listed, can just be taken off the insert and added to your bricks and parts collection).

The cards themselves revolve around famous (american) AFOL`s and feature their creations, as well as that most of the cards also come with an autograph version (almost all but 5 actually), so adding in all the promos and special cards listed on the Master Checklist, the full series would come to 217 cards, broken down as followed:

Base Set - 96 cards
Autograph cards - 91 cards
Lowell Sphere Instructions - 9 cards
Minifigure cards - 5 cards
Kickstarter stretch goal cards - 2 cards
Promo cards - 7 cards
Pigs vs Cows Promo - 2 cards
Steamworks - 5 cards

So as you can see, no mention of how it works with the sketch cards, and I can`t say anything about them yet before I have my copies in hand (I went for two hobbyboxes of 28 packs each as well as the collection binder, I`ll talk about the contents of the boxes once I received them in I estimate a few weeks).

What are my realistic expectations for the Master Set collectioning?

Well, I hope to get the full base set from the boxes for one, as well as the Lowell Sphere set.  I think they will be pretty common inserts, as you can grab a `Factory set` from the website containing the 96 cards set and the 9 set special.
Of course, I`ll also have 56 new parts for my minifigures, courtesy of BrickForge.

But apart from what I expect to be `sure shots`, I hope to collect from those boxes at least 2 or 3 autograph cards (giving me about half a dozen out of 91...) and hopefully a single one of the 5 Minifig cards.

For the promos, I fear I`ll be related to trying to find them through people looking to sell or trade over the NSU forums, or eBay.

And hopefully get some more ideas of how the Sketch cards work, though i`ll be asking that question perhaps on their Facebook page.

But all in all, a definite series of cards I`ve looked out for, and now the wait can kick in for getting those cards in my hands and admire them!

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