dinsdag 23 september 2014

The 2014 Goals... the final quarter sprint.

Slowly september runs on it`s last legs, and the final quarter of the year is upon us.  And I`m also slowly catching up with the backlog of blogposts to put to the text editor before going to enjoy a Formula One filled afternoon...

So that means it`s time to have a look of how the want to achievements are progressing, and already a few `hints` of what I`m going to be looking at to obtain in 2015.

If I`m going down the list you can see on the left top of this Blog, there are some which will be nearing mission impossible level, or won`t be happening anymore due to loosing general intrest.  But I guess that is just life, as many a person`s New Year`s list will have long been going in the trashcan as well.

Obtaining level 32 in the Planeswalker Points is going to be a hard one, 252 points remaining is a pretty big gap as due to the shift in a focus of freetime spending, the Magic is going to be have to put back on the burner until the winter and summer breaks of 2014 and in 2015.  Those few times I`ll be playing, I`m going to be aiming to play Limited again, as I`m holding off on the new set for now, silly to invest when you can`t play after all.

However, I do hope to get the WMCQ requirements for 2016 sorted out once the counter resets half of 2015, just like the past year, so that will be something I`ll probably have to see when it comes to that in slightly under a year.

The level 25 Playstation is sheer nigh impossible to get, just as the Tier 10 tank in World of Tanks.  I`m barely playing either one, haven`t even reinstalled WoT on the new PC.

The Lego funding has gone very well this past quarter, as I managed to trade away a lot of cards for literally bricks. Now my big collecting goal for 2015 will be to complete the full ranges of both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, with the final wave coming out around this time.  So next year, that will be a Funding level of the average prices sets go on BrickLink versus the average value of the sets I obtain that year.

The biggest goals for 2015 however will be in the MoCcing department.  Even as we speak, I already have 5 different lines of (more then one build) participations, whacky ideas and big ambitious projects to build, ranging over a whole range of themes.

But that will be a post for some other time...

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