woensdag 10 september 2014

Lego Speel Boek - book review

The Lego Speel Boek, or Lego Play Book as it is known in english, is another of those more then decent books coming from DK Publishing.

Written by Daniel Lipkowitz, this hefty hardback tome sports the subtitle `Ideas to bring your bricks to life` and features various known AFOL builders to make creations in a certain theme or setting in order to provide the reader with some simple tricks and techniques to improve on building.

Though the `story` of the book is actually a simple child sigfig that travels through all those various `worlds` in a dream, there are some mighty impressive builds in there, without ever giving the feel of being unable to be recreated by your average building skill enthousiast.

Personally, I liked the medieval fairy tale world and the monsters settings the most for my own building ideas, but it contains a real big variation on settings, even going underwater with a whole section describing how to recreate marine wildlife with Lego bricks.

The book is relatively cheap on sites like Amazon these days, and I think it`s a solid addition to any Legobrary.  And when you are at it, you might even get two copies to make some young builder really happy around you ;-)

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