zaterdag 6 september 2014

AoM Farm Phase 2: Minding the Corn

The second phase of the Agriculture - Farm requires that one builds a field with crops.  Now, crops can be quit a wide variety, and I do not have a bucket load of those green Exo-Force hairpieces people tend to use as salad these days, so I tried to build something corn like.

This is also the last one of the 4 MoCs I managed to finish the past week, as my attention will be turning now towards the Book II challenge that is coming to Mitgardia and involves a lot of Dwarves, so I`ll be mostly building and drawing for that.

Now, for this build I wanted to incorporate the Scarecrow minifigure.  I really like the model, and my first idea was to save him up for something Nocturnian in the future.  But when I started sorting out all the minifigs I wanted to do `something` with one of these months, I saw I already had a big stack of Nocty candidates, so the Scarecrow went to the Mitgardia plate.

I decided to go for a corn like field, including a small waterway for irrigation purposes, and the farmer arriving to start tending his plants.

And now... I`m going to have to start thinking on what to build in the coming AoM settings.  I have a VERY (perhaps TOO) ambitious idea for the Wall phase 3, but I think the next ones on the menu will probably Stables 2 or Barracks 2.  I`ll just have to do a brick count on brown 2x1 bricks first I guess...

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