vrijdag 5 september 2014

AoM Inn Phase 1: Ale Seller

And with the ale seller, I finally completed all the `phase 1` builds of the Age of Mitgardia project, this final one being part of the Town - Inn line.  The build is stated to evolve from an Ale Seller to a Beergarden to an actual complete Inn.

Now, I must say this was actually the hardest for me to get completed.  Not the build itself, but the fact of WHAT needed to get build.  I could get an image of an inn in my mind`s eye without problems, even a beergarden (Octoberfesten!) but a simple ale vendor...

The fact that this doesn`t seem to be the most popular treeline within my guild didn`t help that much either, as I couldn`t take look for references around that much, I believe only Jodocus had done one so far, but that was about it.

So in the end I went for a simple cart with barrels, add in a bit of fluff text and hope I was on the right track on what to build.

Captain Grumphs Banana Ale, or Banale as it is known in Mitgardia, is an exotic product created by the gorilla people of the south. 

Though no one actually knows where or how it is produced, let alone how a heap of mammals manage to recreate a brewery process, it is however a welcome guest often seen at the `not per se in October Octoberfesten` in the village of Merak.

So now with all the little starting moc`s completed (and some over the past months already disassembled again for parts, as I don`t have the truly massive collections of especially newer parts and colours, aka everything from after my Dark Ages), I`ve started planning a couple of next phases and builds on paper.

Yes, I`m that old style, even though I have LDD installed, I rarely actually use it... I just draw a rough sketch on whatever piece of paper I have at hand at the moment an idea pops in my head.

Though I won`t be able by a longshot to finish all the treelines during the rest of the year, I HAVE set myself a personal goal of at first try and complete at least every line if the AoM carries over into 2015, then at the very end expand on builds that need to be corrected to obtain the relevant subtitle or title (like my Defenses - Tower).

Because that special AoM tag is my target to obtain since AoM kicked off ;-)

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