vrijdag 5 september 2014

The Trier Lego Loot

A bit overdue on this post, but as some might know, august has all been about citytripping.  The penultimate weekend I went with my parents and my GF to Löf in the german Mösel region (about 25 km between both Kochem and Coblenz) for wine, eating, walks and... shopping.

The saturday of that weekend namely we went to Trier, the oldest city in Germany and home of the Porte Negra, an authentical Roman Bathouse over 2000 years old.

But that is talk for the travel guide websites and the pictures of that are on the FB page of the GF, I`m here to talk that Lego find I did there hehehe.

In a toy store (a thing that amazed me, is that in none of the cities we visited there where actual `retail chain` toystores), they still had a lot of older Minifig polybags, so I brought along 8 each of Series 5 (hoping to get the Sherlock to go with my Big Ben, a Cleopatra, and as much as possible Evil Dwarfs) and Series 7 polybags (aiming mostly at Evil Knights and Viking Women).

As they cost me 2.5 euros a bag (old catalogue price), in a way I`m quite angry at myself not going into `aggressive negotiations` and see if I could strike a deal to clear them all out, as they had about 100 of the old bags...

Oh well, silly me... I blame the group pressure of not doing that.  And considering that my PC decided to crash on me a week later, it all turned out in the end for the better on the budget part...

But what did we get from the bags?

Series 7 yielded (sorry, cell phone cam in use in bad lightning) 3 Space Patrol guys (one for me, 2 for the trading pool), a Little Red Riding Hood (I can definitly do something in a MoC with her), a Tarzan (again, he is already been included in a MoC as you could see yesterday on this blog), a tennis Ace (to the trading pool, though his hair piece is a reminder for when I do a part shopping someday again), a Swimming Champ and a Hippie (both of these have been `inherited` by the Smurf).

Series 5 gave me the Sherlock (YES!!), an Evil Dwarf (YES!!!), the MoCable Cavewoman (see again, build of yesterday, the Gatehouse) and Inuit Fisherman (see the icy build of a few days ago, which is for some reason turning out to be my most appreciated build so far, especially the penguin).  Further models where the Dinosuit Guy (already traded over MiniatureTrading Online), another Zookeeper for the trading pool and the Royal Guard, while the Smurf received the Boxer.

BTW, if you want to look at that `trading pool`, click my business card style of Miniature Trading online at the bottom of the blog frontpage.  Oh, and if you should register there (it`s a free site!), please give my username `tomsche` then as the refferer?  I am a paying support member there, and those Friendship Points you receive for that extend my subscription time.

All in all, not to bad a haul, but combined with the 10 bags from BrickMania, I still don`t have a Cleopatra though, so we keep trading on.  I know, I could just buy it of the internet, but where is the fun in that???

On another note, Trier also has a toy museum.

I came there, saw last entrance admission was 17.00 (it was 17.04....) and... that there was a Star Wars collection on display.  CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!  Had I known that, I would have gone there first instead of to close the day off...

Oh well, can`t have it all...

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