donderdag 11 september 2014

Minifigures Online MoC

A special little moc I knocked together, based on the upcoming MMO from Lego, Minifigures Online.

Now, I admit, even though my starter set was the Cyclops pack, I went out and tried to collect minifigures that I could imagine running around in the videogame.

The first one added was the Tomahawk Warrior, a Striker class model, depicted in the game by a red class icon.  He has a long range basic attack (VERY handy in the game) at the expense of a very low defense, so if they get to him, the life total can drop really fast.

The second model is the Defender, the `blue` class of the game.  They are the higher defense, higher health classes of the game, at the expense of damage dissing out.  He also has a very handy knock back special attack, easy to buy a few moments for that health potion in a to big to manage melee.

Finally, I have the Fortune Teller as my yellow, or Creator class.  Average in stats between strikers and defenders, this class builds way faster in the game then the others, which can be handy when you want to make a run for it through a jump gate or such that you need to build, and in boss fights to create the healing objects.

And so this brave squad of maxed out (as far as possible for the moment as not all the skills are unlocked at the moment, being still under construction in the Beta) minifgures, I explore the game and the worlds.

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