woensdag 3 september 2014

Lego MoC: Ice Fishing

Every AFOL goes about differently in how they start building a MoC.  Sometimes you get inspiration from a picture, from a visit to a museum, something you see outside, a range of Lego or related toys...

... or in my case, I often get it from a particular minifigure that I like and for some reason want to do something with.  Same was with the Lincoln minifigure for which I specially build the Gettysburg Adress MoC a few months ago.

The same happened with this particular minifig from the Collectible Minifigures line.  An Inuit fisherman, suitable in his traditional clothing for setting like Historica, but which I couldn`t find an exact build or idea for to incorporate him with.

So I went to build a small MoC scene especially for him, a small scene of some landscape in Mitgardia where he had punched a hole in the ground and went fishing.  This I can incorporate in the Landscapes of Mitgardia series, wherein members of the coolest (pun intended) guild contribute to let others see their homeland.

Under the watching gaze of the local wild animals ;-)

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