zaterdag 6 september 2014

The Plan - Week 26

Coming to you on a brand new computer, the Plan had to be suspended in the end only for a single episode, thanks Mr PC Guy for having it ready already before I brought the old beast in, resulting in the new machine up and running in only 3 hours break instead of 3 days.

Of course, I still need to reinstall a lot of software, including large DL games like EVE and WoW.  With enough on my hands (finishing builds for Brick mania for one), that is not something that will be happening already this week or so though.

I did however already restarted playing MiniFigures Online.  Right before the old beast closed her eyes for good, they had released the newest new patch, and probably the final one before the official opening of the game scheduled for October.

This opened the fourth game world, Mythological World.  Further changes are that you no longer find closed polybags of figures, but can loot parts now (more chances for members on this) which combine in a minifig.

If you already have that particular figure, you get the choice of either getting 1 new part, or 1500 stars.  To build a model, you need a baseplate (obtained by opening `double` polybags in addition to 1500 stars), a head, chest and leg piece.  Now drop rates are okay it seems, but I tend to end up with duplicates on one and no pieces of others.

Every world now also yields parts for a few different miniatures, so if you want model X or Y, those are the places you can best go grind bosses, pocket adventures and instances.  I`m just trying for now to run the big instances daily, as I`m levelling up all the models I have, at first to maximum level, and afterwards their skills.

The level cap has been pulled up from 20 to 25, but the boost meters and the new additional skills are still under construction though.  I expect one more cap raise by the official release (by counting the `levels` in the skilltrees), something I obtained yesterday on my account.

The final part of this expansion is that Series 11 minifigs are now added already to the game, as well as the previews of 3 Series 7 models.

If you receive the Lego Club free magazine, it has a code on the back which allows you to unlock a special minaiture, which is the Galaxy Patrol figure from Series 7. 

The new range, Series 12, will include posters that have codes to unlock the models from that series in the game (it is connected to the range, the whole series being tied to the release of the game) and that also gives an idea of what sort of worlds we can expect still for the near future, as some of the figs have already shown up as storyline figures.

Until next week for more bricksmashing adventures!

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