vrijdag 5 september 2014

AoM Store phase 2 - Diamonds are a Girl`s Best Friend

The second phase of the Store tree, this build dictates to make a Market Stall.  

Phase one had been a merchant and his cart, and in my case was the small boat, and for this build I decided to incorporate as much elements from that little sloop into his stall itself... meaning basically the table only.  The final phase is to be an actual store, and for that, like the Storeroom, I`m planning on incorporating the stall itself as the storefront.  But that is still far away music...

Ambrosia wanted a nice diamond to go into the ring her grandfather had given her.  So when she learned when a diamond merchant, specialising mostly in ice coloured diamonds had set up his stall at the edge of town, she took gramps along.  After all, he had the money...

Displaying a selection of his finest gem stones (the `mirror` on the table is from a Space `Explorers` set), the merchant also carries a whole lot more of gemstones in his storage chests, including those connection pieces you got in the early days that held the transparant studs.

At first I thought to also put a bodyguard or something in it, but in the end went against that idea as it would make it all to military looking, and Mitgardia might be a land of warriors, it is not under Martial Law (at current, the Book 2 Challenge is nearing our borders).

For the rest, the build is pretty straightforward for a market stall, because in the middle ages, they consisted usually of a table, a sail, and some supports.  Which is basically how markets still look these days, hurrah for slow evolution ;-)

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