vrijdag 26 september 2014

STUDS series one: opening my boxes

This morning the mailman brought a very nice parcel to the door (okay, so I had to pay import duties, but that was expected), as my order of two boxes of the new STUDS trading cards and the binder had arrived.

STUDS is a series that originated from Kickstarter and details the life of (stateside based) AFOLs and their various gorgeous creations.

Now, I bought two Hobby Boxes, and a single box is said to be guaranteed at least a full base set of 96 cards and the 9 card Lowel Spehere inserts.

Every pack also contains a BrickForge custom piece, uniquely made for the series.  Autographed cards (90 out of the 96 card set has an autographed version, this is going to be a pain to collect them all) are inserted at random ratios.

So off we go, and ritually open the very first pack of the series:

Great looking, solid artwork cards, and a blue transparant Tomahawk element. The cards are of a good quality like all the current day trading cards, this is going to be the set I`ll be drooling over A LOT.  I did decide though to get a second binder from my own stacks to include the alternate Autograph series and any promo cards I might still be able to get, as the `official` binder is a bit thin for that.  The basic checklist contains the base set, the Lowell inserts and the 5 piece smaller minifig series, so that`s what I`m putting in the official binder, and all the rest (IF I can get them) in the other one.

Slowly I start filling up the base set.

He, cool, I just reviewed that book last week!

My first autograph!  The great thing is these come in a seperate `penny sleeve` for additional protection.

This is probably the most touching MoC for myself.  I so hope to get the creator, Ian Heath, his autograph card somewhere.

More cards get added, including the awesome EXO suit that caused such a ruckus on Ideas lately as sales soar for that set.  And yes, that is indeed the Serenity in Lego bricks...

The Lowell Sphere insert completed.  At the front a MOC of a billiard table, at the back an instruction leaflet on how to make a sphere.

Inserting card number 36, from the penultimate pack of the first box, and indeed, I now have a FULL base set, FULL Lowell Sphere and indeed also the full series of 5 smaller Minifig cards.  I did carefully taped the opening of the sheets for them, to avoid the small cards from slipping out.

I can`t say every box has a full set in all honesty.  Box 2 was ripped through for any possible autographs and the BrickForge elements.  In the end I scored 6 autographs (3 per box, but I can`t say if that is meant to be), including ironically and awesomely the Cult of Lego card signed by Joe Meno.

This also results of course in `some` doubles, which I can hopefully get traded away.

And a large number of custom elements.  Now, the scifi guns and medieval suitable weaponry I`m keeping, but those with `modern day` appliances and weapons will end in the for trade maps, as I have zilch use for those in my MoC`s and intrest areas.

All in all, I LOVE these cards, and will be scouring the net over my regular sources often in the hopes of finding all those missing autograph and promo cards.

And in the meantime, I`ll be looking out for series 2, rumoured for 2015, as I`ll definitly will be getting those as well!

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