zaterdag 20 september 2014

EoW Character MoC: Blue Belle

The Eras of War! (EoW) is one of the groups I`ve been recently invited to join on MOCPages, and which is about the same style of building short stories like Guilds of Historica on Eurobricks.

The setting is loosely based on ancient Greek history, with the Alympians being the greeks of myth, Bastonians being `our` Dark Age style, the Ozazari a race of desert people and the Maulosians a small island kingdom founded by pirates.

Wait, pirates?  Island population?  *Looks over his figure collection*

I think I have chosen my faction really fast hehe, so yes, I`m joining the Maulosian cause in this story setting.  This should grant me some possibilities of building outside my regular more Viking style of builds for GoH and go the complete opposite direction of small tropical builds.

The most important rule is like in most `medieval fantasy` settings that gunpowder hasn`t been invented, so okay, that is something we can work around without problems. 

I have ideas of building the traditional pirate looking drinking holes and some island warrior style, or aztecs, or even native americans (remember the original discovery of America, in a Pathfinder movie style atmoshpere) settings. 

But the first thing to do is to create a main character, your `leader` within the story and I opted for a Pirate Princess called Blue Belle.  Because she was the prettiest girl on her ship, has blue hair and is well, just something else to use as a sig-fig from the regular heroic knight or evil tyrant.

For the introduction build of said sigfig, I wanted to have her standing on the beach, watching the waves.  All the while she keeps guard of a lighted beacon to call any possible arrivals to their cause (the Maulosians use Blue and Gold as `colors`), but so far only a sand turtle is responding to her call.

Maybe she will have to look to the inlanders to increase her power base and recruit some of them?  Because apart from that, most pirates aren`t known for being the high studied intellectuals, so when the wind will turn, her makeshift beacon will seemingly end to exist ;-)

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