maandag 1 september 2014

Lucky Lego Find: Dino 2010 T-rex

Set 7297 - Dino Track Transport is from one of the older Lego Dinosaur themes, and this particular set goes on BrickLink and the likes starting at around 85 euros for a 7/10 condition box sealed.

Which is what I picked up today after winning it on eBay for... 28.50 euros.

Is this a Lucky Find?  Most definitly, perhaps not at fist sight, but it will be about 11 months from now when the whole Lego dinosaur craze picks up as they start releasing the kits for Jurassic World (the 4th Jurassic Park movie) whom they revealed last week.

Expect prices on boxes like these to skyrocket by then, as all the kids are going to want to have T-rex`es.  And the same goes for adults.

And this particular Tyranosaur has eyes and a tongue that light up (and still work in this box)...

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