maandag 8 september 2014

The Classic Spaceman promo set

This is perhaps the single best promotional set Lego has handed out for those buying for a certain amount on their website, a true homage to a theme from their range.

I got mine, living in Europe, at the beginning of July when I ordered Bag`s End, and even though by then the prices skyrocketed on eBay and the likes as it wasn`t available yet in the USA, I decided to keep it instead of selling it off.  In that period you also received a Chima flyer promo set, but that has already been sorted out in my parts boxes ;-)

The set is not like all regular promos in a polybag, but instead comes in a sturdy, sliding open cardboard box.  Totalling 19 pieces, you get a classic style Spacemen and his robotic companion. 

But it also includes a small but awesome booklet.  The first pages are the simple building instructions, but then it features images of older sets and a timeline of their space series from the Classic line up to the Galaxy Squad line.

Though this line isn`t the complete one, it does feature an image of all the years there where major releases within the theme, and the background image is a technical drawing of a minifigs head design.

All in all, a nifty little set, perhaps the only drawback is that they (had to?) used the current day helmet design (the ones you can click a visor onto) instead of the real classic one, but I guess that mold has long gone (bar the modified one used for Benny`s helmet).

If you managed to receive this promoset, cherish it.  It`s adorable!

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