donderdag 4 september 2014

Lucky Lego Find: Knight`s Attack Barge

The second fair priced classic set I managed to get this week, set 8801, the Knight`s Attack Barge, is a set from 2005, when my dark Ages where in full swing.

Knocking me back around 10 euros, the box has shelfwear, but who cares.  Included are two of the `odd` knightly minifigs of that time (I`m not to excited of the flashy coloured armours, but love the helmet with visor designs).

Coming in under slighty 200 pieces, the set is just what it is labelled, a ship to assault enemy positions in D-Day style, with a front ramp dropping down to unleash the heroic Knights upon their enemies.  Though it is beyond me how a clearly stonebuild boat manages to float...

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