dinsdag 23 september 2014

The Cult of Lego by John Baichtal and Joe Meno - book review

The Cult of Lego, the unofficial name for all Lego enthousiasts out there, is a book written by GeekDad blogger John Baichtal and by Joe Meno, editor of BrickJournal.

Though a bit older being written about half a decennia ago, it still talks about the now closed MMO Lego Universe, this book is a walk through all the aspects of Lego.

Where other books tend to focus on a single theme, or on building styles, or on minifigures etc etc... The Cult of Lego takes you around the full world of what makes up the life of a Lego fan.  Covering all the subjects like MoCs, Convetions, micro and maxi scale building, the history and all those subjects, this is perhaps THE book any Lego fan should have in his Legobrary.

Because it doesn`t focus on something in depth.  It walks by all the various aspects, offering brief explanations of what that particular fold of the hobby holds.  It is a book written as a manual to what can all incorporate the life of a Lego fan.

Of course, it is also littered with sheer awesome builds and images, ranging from your local `convention star` to the life of the certified Professionals.   This also makes it able to enjoy the book without getting depressed of not being able to even get near the skill levels you sometimes see in all those Lego books out there.

I would say this one is a definite `must have` if you have a Legobrary, and is perhaps the best book to lend out to people showing intrest in the hobby, but can`t really fathom `what is out there` and what the hobby encapsulates.

Pure on reading enjoyment, I still like the Lego; A Love Story by Jonathan Bender the most (see my review on that one in the beginning of July) while for sheer eye candy, the Lego Space: Building the Future is my personal tastes gem.  But this one, well, it`s good, it`s special and it`s worth it, so I guess this definitly completes my top 3 of Lego fanbooks out there...

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