vrijdag 26 september 2014

Mirkwood Army Builder unexpected bargain

I strolled into a Bart Smit store today when going out to get fingertape, and found this nice gem hidden in their racks.

Labelled on the shelf as `Confidential Name` - 35.00 euros, they had one single Mirkwood set in their racks, odd because online they normally only carry the smaller Dol Guldur set for the moment.

At 35 euros, it costs just as much as the cheapest set within Europe on BrickLink, but on top of that I save the shipping costs, so yes, I snatched the box up.

At the register though, the salesguy tossed in a Goodmorning Bilbo polybag as well.  These promos only came with the Vita / PS3 game past spring, and go online at around 15 euros and are becoming rarer and rarer, so I should be easily able to trade it during the 4th Quarter.  Apparently, he had that one bag still in his drawer, and since LotR / The Hobbit isn`t the top seller at the moment in awaiting of the final wave, he gave it to me `because he had just lying it around and didn`t sell any Hobbit sets lately`.

He clearly didn`t know for what it was an actual promo... but you don`t hear me complaining, because in essence, I got a 45 euros catalogue price set for a virtual 20 euros which can drop even lower depending how Bilbo goes during december, NICE.

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