vrijdag 5 september 2014

AoM Gathehouse Phase 1

The next build in the series for Age of Mitgardia, and together with the Inn tree the only ones I still need to start up, is the Gatehouse series in the Defenses tree.  Now the tree specifies at first a simple gatehouse, then a defended Gatehouse and finally the whole shabang with oil and such.  This all results if you pass in the Gatekeeper subtitle.

Now, I had a good day in MoCcing today, as you will see over the coming days, but I managed to start and complete no less then 4 builds.  So to kick it all off, here is the Gatehouse phase 1.

In the earlier days of rural Mitgardia, when it was still all rough lands, inhabited by savages (which, on the contrary to what a Kaliphlin dandy would tell you, was not `last week`), the `gatehouses` where nothing more then cave passages. 

These often where cut from the surrounding hill sides by early dwarven miners, then when they got abandoned over time where often taken over by the first human tribes who inhabited both the caves, as build their early settlements on the other sides of the passages, making great use of the natural defenses that way.

The gatehouses where usually nothing more then raised platforms hewn from the rocks, where the watchers, well, watched for potential dangers, while maintaining fires to one the one hand scare off wild animals, and on the other give travellers a chance to find the passageways.

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