vrijdag 26 september 2014

Planning my 2015 MoCs

Quarter 4 is upon us, and that also means BrickMania is not to far away anymore.  This year I will be participating in the club lay out with a heap of my medieval builds, but after that, some are going to the dissassembly line to free up bricks for 2015 builds.

So that also means I`m slowly starting to plan out what things I *really* would like to build in the next year, ranging from various `storyline settings` I`m participating in, over totally other directions.

The `big one` for 2015 I`m wanting to build is another franchise model like the WoW inspired Blood Elf building I made this year.  I`m going the space route on this, and it will either be a Stiletto from the Freelancer game, or a Banshee from the Wing Commander game.  Yeah, that Space book really had an influence on me...

I`m only still in doubt wether to build them in their `original` colors, or to go for a more blue and grey colour scheme to reflect Classic Space.

The big mainstay for 2015, or red line, will of course remain Guilds of Historica.  I`m really going to aim for that badge on the forum, and to gain that one, I still need to complete 18 different builds + updating any that shouldn`t have made the pass by then to complete it all.  This will be a slow and steady process, and it might be some might already get sorted before the year turns, but who can tell.

One of those I already hope to complete is a sports pitch of a korfbal game, though honestly I can only say I haven`t gotten further at the moment then drwing a pole on the LDD to get an idea of the needed height, and to order some bricks already to start building...

Apart from Guilds of Historica, I recently gotten involved in two similar albeit smaller groups of the same appeal over on MOCPages.  Eras of War and Chronicles of Old work along similar lines, so I`ll be hopefully adding a creation to them left or right.  I also chose sides deliberatly far away from the viking style of Mitgardia in GoH to be able to build in other styles and settings hopefully.  In EoW I chose the `Pirates` faction, in order to build with the Islander minifigs and the likes, while in CoO I`m going for the desert dwellers, but aiming at a sort of `mummy necromancy` line of builds.  I got a lot of suitable minifigures for Egypt based builds after all from my Pharaoh`s Quest and Prince of Persia sets.

I do hope by the end of 2015, or otherwise as the `big one` even for 2016, to build a full medieval hamlet on a 48 by 48 base plate, with the working title for now "Hagen`s Secret", which should represent the homestead of my GoH sig-fig.  The plans for it are sketched in what I want to build and include, but it will all depend on available bricks and skills to transfer the ideas from the paper to the brick.  It *might* cause a bit of a stir if it works all out, but the keyword will be fusion in that build.

Apart from those big ones, I`m still planning on building into certain other directions, like DC heroes for sure.  There is at last going to be a readily available Green Lantern minifig next year, and I`m definitly going to 1) get it and 2) do something with it.  I always had an affinity for the hero (though like many, Hal Jordan remains my favorite Lantern, and I am probably one of the few that didn`t find the movie horrible.  Then again, I thought Ben Affleck was a good Daredevil as well...).

That is about it for the moment of ideas raging through the mailstrom of my brain, and of course, I can`t say for sure how life will be looking like in a few months time, but a man can only do as much as plan and hope they get to come fruition...

But first...

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