zondag 21 september 2014

The Plan Week 32

Okay, so I`m failing big time lately in gaming, I admit.

A combination of real life things to do, the Lego hobby, the fact I`m going back to the sporting pitch and a general lack of intrest in video games are causing a severe lack of play hours.

The most recent example?  Friday was Talk like a Pirate Day, which is also a one day world event in WoW that can grant some cooking recipies.  Over all those years, I`ve managed to miss out on that one, so when I started back in June I had it marked on all my calendars.

I didn`t even bother to log in, even though I had the opportunity and the half an hour I`d need to complete the achievement...

I just don`t get myself motivated for either WoW or EVE, the only game I ironically play is the simple, quick and free to play Minifigures Online.  And with `playing`, that means I popped in yesterday to do a small epic dungeon to try and grab some more minifigures parts.  The plan of visiting those every day has long gone out of the window at the moment.  I`m seriously considering of freezing the subscriptions.  I`ll see when warlords hit, but I can`t say for sure the `Holy Fire` will get rekindled.  We`ll see, no stress on my part.

The game by the way is nearing it`s official release, and series 12 Minifigures are starting to show in stores and come with a code to unlock those characters in the game as well.

I`ll need to remember to put the flyers with the figures for this series when sending them across the globe in my exchanges...

The most recent changes to the game are that everyone having signed up in the game before the first of october receives the Tennis Ace minifigure, and now the elements of the characters are also coming into play as they have made the Pocket Adventures and Epic Dungeons `attuned` to a certain element.  If your minifig isn`t of that particular element (there are 5), it does a less damage in those places.

So yeah, maybe I should get myself to level out some more minifigures and start stocking up on stars for when the full level caps become unlocked hehehe.

But I`ll also got the newest Vita game from the Lego franchise.  I haven`t tried it out yet, first I`ll be trying to complete The Hobbit to platinum and I am going to put one or two hours of game time on the PS3 in to finally finish the Wolf among Us.

Until the next time (when I got something to report)

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