maandag 9 februari 2015

Backlog? What backlog??

Okay, so it might have gotten `a little` out of hand...  I always knew I had a rather big backlog of series, animes and movies to catch up to, but when I sat down earlier today and just for fun counted it out about how much I still had to see... it wasn`t fun.

Now, this is in the assumption that nothing at all comes out anymore, and not including my games I still need to play the storylines from (like, Mass Effect 3 which I bought when it came out, and I`m like just left the initial attack...), let alone the stack of novels I have been accumulating the past weeks for bathtub and bus time.

Or that little detail of a heap of MOCs I really should start...

Now, I didn`t go to count all the exact minutes of course, but used an average rating of 120 minutes for a movie (some are longer, some shorter), 45 minutes for a series episode and 20 minutes for an anime episode (okay, OVA`s are longer).  This means the latter two more then compensate for the sometimes cut down time I`ll be spending on movies.

The Verdict

For anime, I still have to watch 65 series (and some loose series, OVA`s etc) for a total of 1.635 episodes of drawn goodness, all in all at the moment coming down to an average of 545 hours of watching.

For series, it`s 36 series in the pipeline, encompassing 502 episodes and a modest watch time of `only` 335 hours.

And then there are 257 movies and documentaries that still require my attention, adding another average watching time needed of 514 hours to the tally.

All in all, that means I still need to sit down and look at 1.394 hours of material, which comes down to slightly over 58 days non-stop viewing if I wouldn`t eat, drink, go to the toilet and whotnot`s from behind the screen.

Pretty impossible if you ask me...

The Solution

Well, there is of course not an exact one, but I plan on trying to get in a series a week from now on, often ranging around 8 to 10 hours for most, and spice it up with a movie or two left or right.

This should allow me to reduce the backlog a lot during the months I`m still homebound, and not building / gaming / cooking / whatevering and grant me some material as well for the blog.  Okay, `some` will be an understatement...

Now, call me a freak, but I`ve actually drawn up a schedule of which series to watch first, for like the first 10 or so in each category to avoid getting things all mixed up, force to struggle through some if needed and more of those thingies. 

And that is of course hoping there isn`t to much good stuff coming out soon, as I`m at the moment following 6 television series with SHIELD and Game of Thrones nearly upon us, while 7 anime series are catching my attention as well these days...

Yeah well, I`m off, got to see some television now...

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