zondag 22 februari 2015

The Plan episode 52

With there not being an episode last week due to Valentine`s, one might expect this will be the mother of all gaming completion posts... but it actually isn`t.

Truth to be told, I have been gaming rather rarely of late, preferring to watch through my entire backlog instead of series and movies...

I did though play some Minifigures Online, but most of the time spend was on some Facebook games (I still blame the kid for it).
On the Lego front, I only got the Sea Captain as such to his Legendary status, obtained by unlocking his 7th skill in the tree.

But I did get the Global meta achievement of Master Striker, having killed a lot of beasties so far ;-)

Talking about those Facebook games, there are actually two I play.  Or click.  Or whatever you need to call those flash games.

In the Top 11 Soccer Manager, I can say it has been a rather mixed week.  Ye, I got eliminated from the cup by a team a bit weaker, after first winning 0-1 on their pitch, but losing 0-2 on my own field, ending a streak of 10 undefeated official games.

Which was compensated by getting through in my group of the Champions league with 18 on 18, lots of revenue has been gained there ;-)

For the competition, my goal is to promote each level within two seasons: one to get better (your team`s players degrade one level every higher up they go) and one to make the push to the next level.  This season, at the start, I had about the 5th strongest team of the series, so I`m aiming for place 5 to 7 and go with the promotional flow.  I now have two games against far higher rated teams, `non-promoters` of last season, so we`ll see how that ends and where it`ll put us, but the hole between 7 and 8 is rather large so promotion should be do-able in the end...

The other game I have been spending time with is Marvel Avengers.  A new spec ops started, but I think I already screwed that up by putting my asgardian bracelet in my pvp locks, so I can`t complete the task required to advance now... ooops.

But I did unlock the premium mission from the Excalibur chapter, which yielded me Gambit as well...

Plans for the coming weeks? Not really, it is going to be busy so we`ll see what we can achieve, unlock or fix up!

See you all in two weeks again, as next week, the saturday will be reserved for a very special blogpost again!

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