zondag 15 februari 2015

I`m engaged!

And I asked her to marry me with Lego...

Now, bear in mind that the GF isn`t a lover of Lego at all.  She thinks some things `hmhmmm` at best, tolerates that I play with the same toys as the Smurf, but would never build it herself.

So enter the Valentine`s Day Master plan.

I got some great gifts from her.  We went out for a dinner, then at home exchanged a small gift.  I got some Bamboo vegetable steamer baskets I wanted, and the Dark Side book from Lego Star Wars with a limited edition Palpantine in it.

I gave her the Valentine dinner set yesterday evening, so of course, her lip went down.
"Lego?  What the heck do I get that for?" she asked.

So I replied: "it`s a boy asking his girl to marry him... just as in real life"  Now, by then I had magically produced a ring from my pocket and under the table as we where sitting over each other.  You see, I can`t make a kneefall with my smashed knee, so I had to improvise it this way.

It took her a few minutes to have it sink in...

She said yes :-D

On a different, follow up note, here is the GF doing her best to
a) assemble the set and
b) trying to make sure her ring shines in the image... guess girls will remain girls in the end ;-)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. A very romantic, original and creative way to propose :) .
    Congratz to the both of you !!!
    From your former best friend and (still) F1 fanatic

  2. Congratulations to you both, from your mam...

  3. Congratulations! A very creative way to do it and one I'm sure she'll never forget.

  4. Congratulations! Stylishly done! And your girflriend, sorry, fiancee, is lovely!

  5. Hoe ben ik hier nu weer op terecht gekomen? Ik had beter nee gezegd toen ;-P