zondag 22 februari 2015

Classic System sets score

Behind every old Lego set you find, is a story...

And the one of these 4 sets released around 1999 is one of people you know.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends contacted me through Facebook.  In a regional group near her, there had appeared a lot of Lego sets.

After some yittering and jabbering, she managed to aquire them for me, and yesterday I went over to her house to collect the sets.

Now it turned out that the seller, an elderly lady apparantly, still had those `lying around in a closet somewhere`.  Call me stupid, but actually WHY do you keep toys for your children sealed in a closet for over a decennium???

All four still in sealed boxes, these are older City (back then still called System) 1999 sets from the Ferrari and Shell series apparently. 

Not the money bombs of ultra rare sets, they are never the less pretty hard to find these days (heck, which 15+ years old Lego isn`t for that matter) and I definitly payed under half of what they are currently standing for on Brick Link!

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