maandag 23 februari 2015

Searching for Truffles

My latest small MoC for the `Landscapes of Mitgardia` series over on Eurobricks, which details well, deuh, the landscapes of the viking like lands, and the all day life of it`s inhabitants.

Porkchop!  Porkchop! Porkchop, get back here girl!

Landur was watching his priced black pig enthousiastically dig for more black gold near the birch tree.  The beast was a good one, as he had already scored almost a full basket of the dark mushrooms, which would grant him a good yield in silvers at the market back in Merak.

But it apparently was going to be a cold evening, as a chilly wind could be felt and the fish in the river where very active, as if even they where jumping in and out of the water for generating some heat for themselves.

"What a silly idea", Landur thought to himself.  "Fish don`t need heat, unless they are on the menu.  I must be imaging things, next I know, I`ll be... seeing... penguins?????"


Just a small build I did because I wanted to try out a tree build technique like I experimented with in my `Dwarven Archery` MoC earlier, I was a bit torn about either using the nice black pigs from BrickForge, or the waaaaaay to cute Friends range penguin.

So in the end, I decided to go for both...

Sorry as well about the rough edges left and right on the pics, I finally started dabbling using Photoshop to cut away my backgrounds in my MoC`s, but I still need to learn how to fine tune the lasso and magic wand thingies...


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