woensdag 11 februari 2015

Welcome Home!

Yesterday, the Geek world literally exploded all over the internet, as what has been rumoured ever since the Sonyleaks scandal last year, has come true.

Marvel and Sony have signed the deal, probably the biggest one in the modern day geekverse, of allowing Marvel to bring Spider-Man into the MCU.

It was just short of `I remember where I was the day that...` levels of enthousiasm.

Rumours are of course springing up all over the net now, but I think we can rather safely assume Spidey will debut in Captain America: Civil War, the kick off for Wave 3 (and it suddenly got a whole lot bigger for the phase) and that it will be Peter Parker.

Now, how do I think the hype will be build up even more?

Mext year, we`re going to get the first trailer.  No spidey to be seen, but right at the end we will hear the typical `twip` of his webshooters.

During the Super Bowl trailer, still no images, but we will know `off trailer` some details, conveniently leaked around that period.

And in the movie, we will eb about 1 hour in when Cap and Stark face off, Iron Man gets the better, and then the Spider swoops in, taking Cap away from danger.  Expect cinema crowds to go mad at this point in enthousiasm.

Mind my words, and we`ll speak again at Peter`s Homecoming Party ;-)

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