woensdag 11 februari 2015

Koken Eten: Parsnip parmeggiano puree

A dish I made past monday, the original recipy calls for a 50/50 dividing for the puree of potato`s and parsnip, and a 1/20th of that weight in parmegianno cheese.

In hindsight, I can already tell you I used less then that, and will be using even less the next time, as the cheesey taste came through to hard for my likings.  But if you`re a cheese lover, by all means keep the ratio :-)

The stars of the recipy are as such the parsnip, potatoes, some thyme, and the parmegianno.  Tp go with it, I made some green beans and chippolata sausages.

And it was time at last for... the ring!

The beens are cleaned, some onion put with it, and herbs of the provence sprankled over them, then set to stew for a few hours (yeah, I love the slowly warming up of things, keeps more taste and colour in veggies).

The sausages are lightly baked on a higher fire, then put on a low fire and left to simmer until ready for half an hour or so.

But the main attraction is the puree, by mashing up the parsnip, the potatoes, some milk, a hump of butter and the cheese together.  While mashing those, I also melted some more butter in the baking fluids of the sausages, and added the thyme leaves to it to make a buttery sauce to go over the puree.

Labour rating: 4 - well, it does tend to get a bit of hectic near the end, as while you`re mashing the puree, the sausages and the beans are ready as well, and you need to make the butter sauce.  So you`re basically a set of arms down, so for the absolute step by step novice, this can cause serious issues.

GF and Smurf Appreciation rating: 6 - the cheese.  I agree with them, the original recipy is to cheesy if you`re not a lover of the stuff. 

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