vrijdag 13 februari 2015

Facebook Games

I blame the Smurf.  I really do...

It all started out rather innocent a fortnight ago.  It was a rainy sunday, the kid was a bit bored, so I agreed to sign up to one of those Facebook games he was playing, Top Eleven.

This is a soccer manager game, in the style of the old Domark ones (I played the season 94 Belgian - Holland one to pieces, even running a `league` in my classroom back then).  You try and win some bids on players, you place your team in a certain set up and the computer simulates the match. My team was already 8 out of 26 game days in and in tatters, with a measly 4 points strong last.

A league consists of 14 teams, and the first 7 promote to the next `lvel`, so in the end I came up... second.  And now am running a streak of 8 out 8 games without defeat in the current season (7 wins, 1 draw).  I guess it is my very unorthodox field positioning I had been suing to success way back already in 1994, a 4-4-2 with a diamond on the midfield, but the flanks wide.  It all depends on the quality of your DMC, as the center midfield will be flooded often.

But then I was strolling through the games I used to play when you`re all new on Facebook and such.  You know, way back in the days when the original Mafia Wars was still a thing... and found I still had the Marvel game.

This was fun back then, though a bit limited in options and heroes, but never the less I went back in to have a look.  At level 22, I was far behind, having missed years of possible exclusives and all, but I also saw Captain Britain was now an actual option in the game.

So I plunged back in, and still think the game just as addictive as back then.  I got up 12 levels in the meantime, though most of my small hero squad are still very low level, so I`m grinding the low level quests for command points (to unlock premium missions and get more heroes signing on), and this morning I managed to get `my` hero, Captain Britain, recruited.

And now I`m back to the playing of browser based flash games... and I blame the Smurf for it!

Roar of Valor hoooooo!!!!

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