zaterdag 21 februari 2015

Inspirational Lego 8: Tolkien`s Middle Earth

And so the quarter finals came to pass over at the MELO, and the last 8 contenders entered the arena.

After this round, only 4 will be left from the original 73 entrants, and the MoCPages contest is reaching it`s climax, but first, let`s have a look of the past round.

Like in the previous reports, the winner is the one in bold, and he progresses to the next round, while the entries are shown as the names are listed.

Captain Nemo vs Graham Gidman - Treebeard

Tim W vs Dunedain98 - Eowyn

Joseph Olson vs Vladimir van Hoek - Theoden

Bane of Seaguls vs Andrew JN - Saruman

The semi finals will pair off Graham vs Dunedain to build around the theme "Sauron', while "Gollum" will be tackled by Joseph and Andrew...

Eye candy times ahead!

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