vrijdag 13 februari 2015

Koken Eten: Fennel and Cod

A nice and simple dish I made earlier this week, on `maket day` (you can`t beat fresh fish!) is this oven dish with fennel puree and cod, with a slight crust of herbs.

So of course, that means the main players are cod filet, I used about half a kilo, and fennel, of which I used two.

The first thing to do is soften the fennel by stewing it in some oil.  This might take a while if you are like me the slow and steady stewer...

In the meantime, I mixed up my herbs that I will be using: chive, oregano and mint, at a ratio of 1/3 each, perhaps if you don`t want it to minty with the fennel, you might want to cut down on the mint of course and replace it with some more of the chive.

Pull the cod apart and put it in an oven scale, then at about 150 degrees put it in there for about 15 to 20 minutes to ready it a first time.

Boil potatoes in the meantime, and together with some butter and milk, mash it to a puree with the fennel.

Melt some butter, about 50 grams, in a pot, toss in garlic, chapelure and the herbs, and mix it together.  The butter is mainly there to make it all stick, so if you want more or less of the herb mix, reduce or increase your amount of melted butter.

With the puree and the fish readied, we are now assembling it all by spreading the fennelpuree over the fish, then put the herbs on top of it.

Put it all in the oven for another 15 to 20 minutes at 180, and enjoy!

Labour Rating: 0 - this is all simple and step by step, giving you a lot of time to go through the proceedings.

GF and Smurf Appreciation Rating: 7 - the smurf loved it, but the GF isn`t to fond about white fish - yeah, she is an even more difficult eater then the 9 year old.  But she did like the puree and herb crust at least...

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