donderdag 19 februari 2015

Building the Lantern

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night;
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight.
Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might;
Beware My Power; Green Lantern's Light!

He is finally here on the mass market, Hal Jordan, the most powerful Green Lantern in the history of the Corps.

Before this years releases, he was only available as a hundreds of dollars SDCC exclusive, but now he is in a 30 euro set from the DC range.  Sure, he has the cartoon instead of movie printing on his torso, see me care ;-)

When the first half of 2015 catalogue came out, this was like the only `really must have` set in it.  I mean, it`s the Green Lantern!  Whom, in my comic days of the mid 90s, was about as A-list material as Captain Britain and Alpha Flight... so yes, this is one underdog that broke through into the top leaguers.

The set also includes Sinestro, Hal`s nemesis and fallen Green Lantern who tries and (rather succesfully) masters the yellow light of fear.  The third character included is Spacesuit Batman, mostly known to those that played the Lego video game Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Oh, on a special note, and what has been around the internet for over a month now, don`t use the super shooter, it actually damages the minifigs legs as well... total rubbish thingy.

The first build we have is the containment tube in which Sinestro has stored the power lantern.  We start this by making it`s moveable base, as the idea is to launch Bats against the target on top, causing it to fall open and free the lantern.

Now, the top of the tube, with the Yellow Lantern corps logo, is actually a PRINTED piece.  No decals in this set, as the same goes for the Green Lantern Corps logo on Hal`s jet.

The lantern itself

And the completed tube

The big build of the set is Hal`s fighter jet.  Which is a bit odd, as it looks like half a normal, half a willpower construct made jetplane.  Though I do understand the cost of transparant greens all over would have seriously upped for this set then.

Nothing we can`t MoC around in the future though...

We start by the base of the plane and the included mechanic that will cause it`s missiles to launch by toying with the switch at the back.

Wings and the smaller, new round stud shooters are then added to the plane.

As the engines are added, we cover the internal structure up and move to the cockpit of the plane.

Like I said, no decals as we put on the very sexy nose of the machine :-)

Transparent wings and canopy is added, and the jet plane is ready for toying action!

Of course, we had some left over pieces for the collection, incl alternate Batman head and wings.

And the full set stands completed!

I love this set.  heck, it has Hal, so even if it would be a rubbish set like the small Iron Man 3 one for example, I`d still had bought it just for the Lanterns.

So now Lego, you are on the right path bringing us Green and Yellow, so what about, I dunno, Star Sapphire next?

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