vrijdag 6 februari 2015

Lego Mars Alien Attack

Okay, sometimes you do a misbuy or sorts... I admit.

Last week, Awesome Books, had another one of their excellent promotions.  Starting at 6.49 GBP for the first three, and then an additional 1.99 GBP for every extra book after that, one could put together a bundle out of their 1000s of good condition used books.

So strolling through their website, I put together a bundle of books, ranging from Star Trek over Command and Conquer to Fantasy.

And then I saw this book in the list:

I thought "huh, did Lego at some point released novels" and clicked on adding it to my bundle.

The answer to the question is no... it is actually a learning book for small children in english, 24 pages with big illustrations and some small texts at `level 3`.  It was finished in 5 minutes ;-)

Oh well, it was cheap, Awesome Books has excellent shipping rates to Belgium (I payed 2.99 GBP for the whole lot), and one day it might come in handy when the smurf gets his first lessons in the languago of Shakespeare...

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