dinsdag 17 februari 2015

Work-in-Porgress: Weathertop part 2

A great part of work has been done on this display model, in that it is nearly completely finished at time of writing this.  

Well, `nearly` is perhaps even an understatement, as actually all I need to do is type up the completed post and then we are all done, so that will be a post for in a short while.

But before that, let me show `a little overdue` the build process of the hill itself, which has been fully bricked up to increase it`s sturdiness... and it`s weight!

I started by seeing how far the actual set would come on the baseplate, then build a three plate thick bottom to the ruins.

The hill was build in two slope heigt levels, each level filled completely with bricks to make it a really solid construction.

There was a plate level inserted between both layers...

And by closing it up with another layer of grey plates, it has become time to build around the foliage and such, and inserting the loose Nazgul from the set on the baseplate.

And then the connecting of the set to the hill begins...

So next time, I`ll be showing the completely finished build, see you tomorrow!

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