vrijdag 20 februari 2015

Lego Star Wars: The Dark Side book

My Valentine`s present from the GF... and it`s a nice one.

Like most of the books, overhere I of course can get my hands on the dutch edition, but who cares.  It has the exclusive minifig of Emperor Palpantine!

The book is written in the traditional tongue in cheek humour the series sports, though I wouldn`t rely on that for being how Star Wars `actually` happened Smurf ;-) you better start watching the movies kiddo.

Apart from the book, I also received some small orders yesterday, like a small purchase I could make through a belgian and dutch Lego group granting me two more Highlanders for my Mitgardian army project, as well as two camels and two printed Batman dishes.  Of whom I`ll be making use of in another MOC project I`m tinkering about... but more on that in due time...

And from BrickForge, I got my regular 30 for 30 cents order, focussing mostly on plumes and beards this time.  Nice quality and always handy for some diversity amongst the inhabitants of Merak...

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