zaterdag 14 februari 2015

The Most Valuable Lego Minifigures

I found this pretty neat list yesterday on the internet of the most valuable Lego Minifigures currently available, and some of the prices are rather astronomical (unfortunatly).

Though this list is titled the top 100, there are actually 250 on them, and I must say I`m not in the high rankers (fortunatly?) for them.

As you can see, the exclusive scalper fest, I mean San Diego Comic Con, miniatures are immensely high on the list, going for a few 100 dollars a piece.  I`m just glad the The Hobbit ones, Azog and Bard, weren`t unique and showed up in sets shortly afterwards or any hopes of getting the collection complete would be out of the window.

Okay, and number 0 is unatainable for anyone unless you are a space pirate ;-)

So what do I have of the valuables?  And which ones do I want to add to my collection?

Well, of the first 50, I got not a single one, though I`d love to have had nr 12 (Comic Con Spider-Woman), nr 22 (this years The Collector), nr 30 (black suit Spidey).

Going into the next 50, I find myself owning 3 of the figures in there, namely nrs 51 (Davy Jones from the Black Pearl set), nr 52 (Smaug from the current The Hobbit set) and 54 (the Bilbo that came with the BluRay set of the first The Hobbit movie), while nr 64 is one I wouldn`t say no to to own (Spidey in his pyjama suit).

Of the next 50, I have nr 108 Maccus (again from the Pearl), and would love nr 116 (Aayla Secura) and145 (Iron Patriot, but I think he will be in my collection soon).

Counting down to 200, I find from my collection nr 152 (the Elrond that came with the Lord of the Rings video game), and would love the 168 (Ginny Weasley in her school uniform, I`m not at all into Harry Potter, nver read or saw it, and only played the Lego games) and nr 191 (Queen Amidala).

In the final 50, I find that I own nr 213 (Western Emmet from the The Movie video game) and 226 (Bilbo from the The Hobbit game).

And I came to the conclusion that The Smurf might actually have a lot more then me of characters in the list with his Harry Potter Lego stuff... and the Samwise that comes with Shelob, a set he owns and I still miss lol...

But all in all, the list is in good fun and was nice to see if I owned anything high value minifigure wise, so it seems for that part I don`t need insurance yet...

And what about you?

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  1. My son is just going to sell his Star Wars Cloud City so has several on the list!