donderdag 26 februari 2015

Building the Cabin

When I see Friends in the discount racks, I just buy them.  They have some great elements, the pastel colours always come in handy, and being a non franchise range are pretty cheap to boot.

One of the latest sets in the range I got this way, was a copy of set 41031 - Andrea`s Mountain Cabin, and seeing the squirrel for one, I would have picked up more should they have had them.

Opening the box, we get two bags of parts and the instruction booklet.

We get Andrea as the included minidoll figure together with the cute and handy little pet.  And she knows the way to Mordor...

She also has a picture camera to make snapshots in the outback.

The first part of the build is this small sitting tree trunk with flower pieces.  Caramel pieces, green plate... nice

Second of the small accesorry builds is a campfire, again full with handy MOC elements.

We then start work on the `cabin`, which in all honestly is just a glorified bench.  But again, look at the nice colours and elements for a fantasy builder in this set...

Adding in the window and small balcony, it is then getting the start of a roof...

To this, we are hanging a bar supported lantern

And then we start closing up the roof by putting plates in the hinges.

And so the set stands completed, and it is a real bomb for the 3.51 euros I paid for it at Kruidvat.  I can get Andrea away on the secondary market, making the price per piece even more intresting.

If I bump into more of these at that price, I`m hauling them out by the armfulls!

Even the few extra pieces are more then handy:

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