maandag 2 februari 2015

Inspirational Lego 5

Today we have a regular edition of the regular feature on this blog, a collection of some of the coolest builds I came along on the internet lately.

And none of them are mine, let alone I`m even coming remotely near the level of some of them...

Formula One is starting again for a new season at the moment, with the first test session in Jerez underway.  Last year, Lotus in their black gold livery from days past was nowwhere, but this was rather different a few decennia ago...

I`m not a fan of modern art, preferring my renaissance `masters` more as a style, but this is a pretty nice build, using only two colours

Going on a bit on the art theme, this is a pretty nice scene:

Talking the masters, here is the Nachtwacht by dutch painter Rembrandt

A funny fantasy build I came along is this little scene, in which a Necromancer seemingly has a bad day... or would that be, a better then expected one?

As you could see yesterday, my recent trip to the Lego store yielded quite a few superheroes range sets for my collection.  A pretty cool thing I came along in recent times are these, covers of comics `rebuild` into bricks.  I`m actually tempted to undertake such a project myself in the not the near future (LOT to do first)...

One of the best games I played in recent years was Monkey Island, rebooted and reimagined by Telltale Games and more of a point and click search adventure (like their Back to the Future game) compared to their more recent style that started with The Walking Dead.  This is a lovely build based on the LeChuck`s Revenge episode.

And that is it for this weeks selection.  The next episode will be hitting a bit sooner then next monday, as today is the deadline for the final 16 in MELO to post their entries, so I expect the results and the participants for the quarter finals to become known in 3 - 4 days... and then I`ll be bringing the overview of this round as usual!

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