zondag 1 februari 2015

So I walked into the Lego shop...

... and found out they didn`t have the Valentine diner set anymore in stock, petty.

It should be arriving back around the 4th, so maybe I`ll see if I can pop over wednesday to get one after all, but if not, yeah well, so be it then.

I did get the Green Lantern set (apparently, they had only a single one left) and while we where at it, I grabbed some more sets left and right.

Like the full Guardians of the Galaxy range...

And that Batman set I had on my Bricky Wish List...

Not to bad for a quick shopping by.

On related terms, I did pick up some small things as well the past week, like the most recent Chima and Friends mags, which I tend to by only when they respectively have a minifig and an animal set coming with them.

And at Bart Smit found this nice little set at -50%, so I took both they had remaining.  I love it for the `new style` horse, and the female medieval suited minifig, something one doesn`t find to often as there is no Kingdoms range around at current.

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