maandag 23 februari 2015

Tales from the Borderlands: Zer0 Sum

A franchise that came out together with Game of Thrones, this one is based on the Mad max like, post apocalypse world of Pandora.

Based on the Borderlands games, you are bound to meet some of the more famous characters from the original games, and this was another jewel from Telltale Games.

You are Rhys.  Hyperion office drone on the fast track to promotion... until your boss gets spaced and your rival takes his job, demoting you to janitor.  You decide to double cross Vasquez and go down to steal his Vault key...

You are Fiona.  Pandora small scale con artist, your mentor and your sister decide to frame Hyperion by selling them a fake Vault key...

The tale starts as you are both captured by one of the `friendly locals`, and tell how you came to be where you are now, running the tale from two different point of views.

It is a highly entertaining and rather humorous episode, even with some `gory` sequences. The benefit compared to Game of Thrones or Walking Dead is that the core material gives you more leverage to work around and `outside` the box, so i have high hopes for this series, that might become a shining game like Fables was last year.

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