zondag 15 februari 2015

The amazing NY Toy Fair Lego wishlist

Well, the New York Toy fair has given us a LOT of revelations for the upcoming second half of the Lego year, and while I wasn`t to wild of the first half of the year, this one is definitly more worth it.

While for the first half, I originally only was wild about the Chima Battle Pack with Polar Bears (still need half a dozen of those boxes) and the Green Lantern set before they revealed the Helicarrier, the second half of the year is going to be a whole different matter for my wallet.

I think I quit smoking and placing the money saved by that in the Lego funds department was a decision made right on time...

First of all, there is the impressive Ultimate Collector`s TIE Fighter, bound in already in May.  I`m not a Star wars Lego collector, but I do love some vessels a LOT and try to have a decent copy of it on my shelves.  The TIE Fighter is one of them, the other being... the lowly Snow Speeder (don`t ask me why, I just love that little ship).

Another set from the Star Wars line I`ll be getting is the Palpantine throne room set, coming with a Darth Vader for a good price!

The big winners for me are the Superheroes sets though.  While I`m not to wild about the current coming Ultron sets or DC ones, those on the horizon are great indeed.

First of is the Ant-Man set, of which I haven`t found a non watermarked picture yet, but there is so much more coming.

We are for one getting a classic Green Goblin figure... in a Juniors set.  No problem, I bought that for the Venom figure as well earlier...

And then there is this little bloke coming out... Jokerland, containing half a dozen minifigs like Harley and Poison Ivy...  So getting this!

More from Marvel, is the Sandman and Rhino set, which comes with... the Iron Spider and he looks great.  It`s the Alexander Cho version, now the only thing they need to do to make me totally exstatic is a suprise release with Spidey 2099 in it ;-)

The there are of course the whole new line of Jurassic World movie tie in sets... whom look great all over the place and I will be trying to get my hands on for sure!

Last but not least is one of the smaller Scooby Doo sets which I shared a while ago, the Headless Horseman set.  It`s like the only one I`ll be getting from the range, but it definitly is a nice one!

Somewhere later in the week I`ll eb updating the 2015 set list when all pictures that are popping over the net have been sorted out, but for now I can spoil already that tonight, I`ll be making a very special Lego post...

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