woensdag 25 februari 2015

Santia Sho volume 1

A new series to be translated in french of the Saint Seiya franchise, this series details the hand maidens of Athena.

Not forced to wear masks to hide their feminimity, these are the personal servants of the godess, but also bronze level protectors.

When Kyoko ansd her younger sister Shoko are separated five years ago, the younger sibling has no idea what has been going on, and why does she keep dreaming of being attacked by a serpent with a golden apple, only to be rescued by a man in a golden armour?

Later, it is revealed her elder sister went to become one of the Shantia, wearing the bronze Equuleus cloth, together with Mii, the bronze Dolphin warrior.  The odd thing though is that while this actually takes place BEFORE the Galactic Wars, where the original series starts, Saori is aware of her reincarnation, while originally this happened only near the end of the tournament.

Shoko has been destined to become the bodily recepetable for Eris, but her sister intervenes taking her place, revealing that the dream was in truth a repressed memory.  Shoko then decides to take her place as a hand maiden of Athena.

A promising series start, looking to be one of the `background ops` that might be going on while the original Legendary Saints go about their story arc, I am rather curious how it will run along, especcially with the Eris line who should have reincarnated twice then with different bodies, and within half a year...

Time will tell!

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