dinsdag 3 februari 2015

Dwarven Archery

 For the first build in Age of Mitgardia for this year, I decided to take it a bit in a lighter approach.

Uggluk saw the dwarves coming to hi.  He slashed his big cleaver left and right, and bearded one after bearded one flew backwards, blood flying through the air.

He grinned, nothing, no-one would...

*CLOINK* Darkness

Uggluk awoke, his head splitting from a headache.  That must been the most glorious dream of battle he ever experienced.

No wait... fresh air...  he wasn`t in the dumps near his local ale house.  Opening his eyes slowly, he saw sunlight.  And a raven body pierced by shafts.  He felt something on his head. 

An apple?  And why was his leg chained???

Vaguely he heard shouts of panic and cries of people fleeing away.  he squinted against the sunlight, and then he turned a very, very whiter shade of pale...

Phase 2 of the Archery range line states one needs to build, well, an Archery range.  Quite a suprise there hehe.

I went for the idea of the poor dwarf and his not so subtle ways of doing things.  Building a range with a few different sorts of targets, and the other trainees running for their lives as the resident dwarven trainee does it all `his way`.

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