donderdag 12 februari 2015

Building the Whirling Vines

Okay, so when this set showed up on Amazon UK a while ago at -70ish percent, I bought five of it.

I mean, Chima is a pretty nice range with a lot of useful parts for fantasy, because not only do you get the gorilla Gorzan fig, it also includes, well, vines...

Set 70109 comes on one of those card packagings like action figures tend to do, and cracking the shell gives us the two bags of parts, the Speedor, an instruction booklet and a set of trading cards.

Gorzan, your friendly, relaxed surfer boyish attitude, gorilla is the minifig of the set.  And he comes with a big hammer!

The first thing we make in order is the pull bike, by adding the seat with bananas for Gorzan to take a seat on.

With some pre-moulded rock pieces, the gate is started to be build up next.

On top of the arch, we are putting the slot for the turning device.

This consists of a big blade to be added, so it can spin while the goal of the game is to drive through it without getting hit.

The completed set

And the small extra pieces.

Now, I`m not a fan of this particular subrange of Chima, but when I find them at a discount, I`ll take them along for the pieces and the figures alone...

Next week, I`ll be chronicling my build of the recently bought Green Lantern set, but the week after that, it is *hopefully, if postal services co-operate* the big one: the Helicarrier!

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