maandag 16 februari 2015

Inspirational Lego 7

Time for one of the more traditional inspiring posts in between rounds of the MELO reports, and there have been some great showings over the web once again the last weeks.

Found in Facebook groups, MOCpages, Eurobricks or even random google-ings, the level of the builds don`t cease to amaze me.

Take for example this giant battle.  An alien invader and a huge mecha battle it out in the streets, but judging by the energy beam, I think it`s clear who is getting the upper hand...

One small and elegant build on the other hand of the spectrum is this simple yet effective White Swan.  There is something very attracting about this build.

Another nice and elegant little build is the eruption of Pompeii in Microscale.  The volcano explosion is just awesome!

On a bigger scale again, is this Wild West saloon.

Another build I have been enjoying a LOT is this `Penguin Mecha`, transformable from vehicle to giant robot mode.  That will show those icy predators!

Talking cute mecha... here is chibi stuled Optimus Prime!

And that ends our tour of this week, with a lot of ideas brewing around in my mind.  The next episode will be detailing the quarterfinals of the MELO somewhere during the upcoming week.

In the meantime, build on!

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