vrijdag 27 februari 2015

The haul of the past days

Okay, so we close of this unscheduled `all about toys` day with the haul I scored both yesterday and today.

And it has a bit of everything in it...

Of course, there is Lego, as I got my hands on one of the Joker Bumper Cars, currently not available here in Europe, and which is just to cool to pass up.

Coming as a gift with it, the seller also send me this cute little button of the Joker, I might be trading that one away some day, but it is a great looking piece.

But today I got myself some more Lego, as Kruidvat started running another promotion, and now the recently released Legends of Chima tribal packs are only 7.99 over there, a nice 20% off their regular price, and a bump for my budding army as I snatched all three boxes of Polar Bears they had.

Now this is something old, and a bargain.  I scored 10 lots of 2 booster packs of the old Marvel OverPower card game for around 1 euro per lot, so that is 10 euros for 20 boosters.  They are all from the Mission Control expansion, which isn`t the most spectacular they released, but as they are booster fresh cards to go into my trade binder for the doubles (yes, I collect the series myself), they also tend to go online around 1 USD for a card, so basically if I sell of 12 of the doubles, I`d not only would have gotten all my money back, I would also have a lot of new additions for my collection already.
Since Age of Ultron is coming soon, and the set has no less then three of the MCU Avengers in it with the Black Widow, Hawkeye and the Vision, this might turn out a nice little deal.

The final addition I got just a few hours ago, after the bet was placed.  I went to the local goodwill like store, and picked up this nifty little game for younger children.

The Lion King dice puzzling game.  This is basically a game in which you have to complete one out of 6 possible scenes from the movie, using pieces you can pick by the dice result you rolled.

It`s simple, it`s easy, and it is aimed at younger children, but it is also from one of the most popular Disney Movies.  It costed me only 75 cents, and I hope to get only a measly euro for it.  Surely, 25 cents is hardly worth it you might think, but this is all about `feel good` and get the first item turnover in some exchange or trade somewhere...

The Starmax Challenge Budget: -0.75 euro, remaining 4.25 euro

Only time will tell though if this is something worthwhile or I will be crying a river over it later on... so to make the following quote the tagline of the whole Starmax bet...

...Let's get it done!

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