maandag 15 mei 2017

23rd (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot

I finished painting my first "complete" historical unit since getting back into the hobby today, in the form of a set of British Line Infantry by Warlord Games.

Suitable for use in the AWI (or well, sometimes shortly before and after), these redcoats number 24 men.

And now I`ll take you along some work in progress pictures as I was building them.  The box contains three sprues and a leaflet with flags for various units, and I went for the blue facings on these guys.

Putting all the pieces together for each figure... yes, it`s a model kit at times.

The set allows you to make either 24 Line, 24 Grenadier, or 30 Light infantry, and I went for the Line.

So that means these 6 guys are put aside for painting when I start the second box in the future, which will be Light Infantry.

Undercaoting, flesh base and the metals with an armour wash.

The next session mainly put the red on the coats.

More base colours are then painted, this was during the Eurosong contest, and with the Sky grey the contrast comes out nicely.

Time to start adding highlights, like Bone on the pantaloons.

Every colour now has a second layer for highlighting, so this makes the painting part on the figures themselves done.

Pink sand, cheap and nice to cover the bases in...

The bases are then painted over Goblin Green.

All it needs is a coat of Matt Varnish, and the flags added.

The regiment is now completed and ready to go in the cabinet as the basis for the force.

Hope you like them!

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